Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why convention is convention

So after trying to run Savant as a totally different, unique, 10-man guild that doesn't over recruit and doesn't depend on anything outside of the game to communicate, I've come to the realization that a lot of these things are done by a lot of guilds because its easiest to do it that way. And it works.

As such, Savant is becoming a more conventional guild. Some things I've learned:

- It's impossible to get as many reliable people as you need. Even if that number is only 10.
- You NEED forums if you want to discuss guild matters with your guild.
- Raiding only twice a week is perfectly fine, and trying to be as little of an influence on people's lives as possible makes it pretty easy to get good, fun-lovin' folks.
- Raids will never start when they're supposed to as long as you don't have a full guild.

All in all, I've learned quite a bit, a lot more than my false start trying to run SNAFU. Savant now has a website (which of course needs work.) We now have a clear plan of how many we want to recruit and of what class.

I think this is the best time to try something a little risky, it's sort of like a pregame for WotLK right now, and you have two 10-man instances to try your organization on. If you are thinking of doing something off the beaten path, now's your chance.

The only thing I'm gonna have to figure out when Wrath hits, is how will I deal with people who level especially slowly?

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Swordchucks said...

Well, the first thing you have to decide is what the primary thrust of your guild is. Are you a low tier raiding guild, a casual raiding guild, or a social guild that happens to raid?

I'm not sure how you do it now, but the most critical item you can have for a guild is a structured application process and a trial period. My guild (a social guild that raids a lot) has only rarely turned away applicants and pretty much everyone that gets accepted makes it through the trial period, but the simple presence of those two things most likely drives away the ones you wouldn't want to hang out with.

One thing we've pretty well managed is to get together a group of people who, while not quite RL friends, we all want to hang out with. If that's your goal, then... who cares if people level slowly?

If you're more serious about raiding (and we all know it's srs bsns), then you're recruiting to fill roles (which gets less critical in WotLK by a large margin). I can't help you there.