Friday, September 4, 2009

Triumphant Return!

It should be no secret to those who know me in-game that I have stopped quitting WoW. I am back playing WoW and have been for two months. I've spent a lot of that time trying to get my guild back in place as the number one 10-man guild on the server, or at least on the Alliance side. Yes, there is a such thing as competitive 10-man raiding, it's just nowhere near as competitive as 25-man raiding.

Nevertheless, I am a firm believer in the idea that 10-man raiding is harder IF you don't supplement it with 25-man raiding. You'll often find that your healers are a little less powered than usual, and you don't necessarily have the luxury of saying "I'll take all my melee to this 10-man and we'll down it more easily because they buff each other." No, if you're in a 10-man guild, you don't have the resources that a 25-man guild has. You don't have the redundancy, the gear, or the ability to selectively carve out a perfect 10-man. Also most of the raid strategies are for 25-man.

Well, I'm going to change that. I'm going to begin posting Savant's 10-man strategies, so other 10-man guilds may hopefully be able to see how to tackle the content. I'll be starting in Ulduar, which your guild can jump into as soon as you've cleared Naxx that most of your people are at least half-epicced. Of course, you want to take every advantage you can when learning new content, so make sure all gear is fully gemmed and enchanted, and that you have plenty of Fish Feasts and flasks to go around.


Flawlless said...

Welcome Back!

Falconnajias said...

Bear Glue - the stuff that holds guilds together!