Tuesday, August 10, 2010


No_WoW I’ve uninstalled WoW. Finally. I got to reclaim 20+ GB on my hard drive. This was important as I had a grand total of about 5GB free on my whole computer. Pretty sad, in the day of $50 terabyte hard drives, but that’s how it goes.

The last day on my WoW subscription was yesterday. The last time I played was a week before that. Though I joined Bucket List with the hopes of completing my list of things to do in WoW, I didn’t complete a single one of them, not on Myze anyway. My hunter, Catrìona, has defeated the Lich King, several ICC hard modes, and had a mildly successful arena team.

Bucket List was a good idea, plagued by disorganization and overrecruitment. I won’t get any more specific, as I really like Euripides and don’t want to damage my relationship with him any further. I will mention that a large majority of folks were pretty easy to get along with, including all the officers, and the core of the guild was filled with some talented players.

Bucket List wasn’t the place for me, and sadly, I regret moving my character over to that server to play. I couldn’t have remained on Sisters of Elune, though, the Alliance on that server doesn’t do any challenging content. I’m not sure if they’ve even beaten the Lich King yet. The remainder of Drenden consisted of some decent guilds, but that server overall is too concerned with GearScore. It’s by far the worst I’ve seen.

When I got my Druid to 70 in TBC, my philosophy behind her was to create a raiding environment that I would enjoy, even if I wasn’t the person running it. To that end, I created a successful 10-man guild that lasted until the first few weeks of ICC, and split, mostly because of the stresses my absences caused due to RL concerns. Additionally, the way Blizzard punished 10-man guilds really hurt it, and made it hard to recruit players.

My hunter’s philosophy, however, was to simply hit the cap, then work to get the gear needed for endgame raiding and go for it. In TBC, her first Karazhan raid was the day before WotLK came out, but in WotLK, I was able to raise her to 80 (my third 80, about when Ulduar was finishing up,) then quickly climb guilds until I got to be in the top guild on the server. All in all, it took me about a month to get to the top guild on the server. By mercilessly dropping guilds to get to better ones, I was able to get to the top and be successful in a short amount of time. And I met some really cool folks up at the top.

If I were ever to come back to the game, this is the philosophy I would have to employ. However, right now, I’m too busy enjoying all the extra free space on my hard drive.

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