Monday, August 25, 2008

Karazhan Part 2

Wow, what a run through Karazhan.

Here's the WWS Parse.

As you can see, we started the evening with only six people. Well, we did Illhoof with six people. We had Anberlin tanking for us for a bit, but he had to depart before we got to the first boss of the evening. As you can see from the results, we wiped twice before calling in reinforcements (I maintain a three-wipe limit on optional bosses.) Our friend Qetesh called in a rogue and Druid pair who we knew better as a Pally and a Priest, respectively. As these were not their mains, the performance was a little lower than usual, but any help is welcome. Additionally we picked up a Warlock who was playing on his main and did an awesome job.

After those pickups, Illhoof was easy, and we moved on to Shade. Our first problem with Shade was that for some reason, he seemed to be dealing a LOT of damage. Of course, looking at WWS indicates that he really wasn't doing anymore damage than normal. Our Paladin, Besideme, who had been playing his rogue, Kayal, switched over to his wife's mage, Smidgie, to get mroe damage going. And wow did he ever. I died somewhere in the middle of the fight, and we ended up downing Shade with only four people remaining.

Chess went super easy, and the shoulders went to Kayal, who at the time was 68 (this is actually a good point to keep in mind looking at all of his data. He did really well for his level, even being able to compete with his 70 counterpart on the Illhoof fight.)

Prince was really easy, as always. We one shot him, and the infernal spawns are particularly lucky. This is the second week I asked the mages and hunters to Invis and Feign Death so that I could Zen Tank and hopefully reduce parries during phase 2. He did Parry 42 times, but I'm not sure if those were all me, and during what phases they occurred (they don't really matter so much in phase 1 and 3.)

An interesting observation, my actual dodge rate is about 5% lower than what was printed on my character sheet, but the Miss rate was huge.

When Prince died, I quickly looked at the loot, and seeing the bow had dropped, I gave to the hunter who had joined us, since she had made it clear beforehand that she wanted it. However, she doesn't notice this, and the exchange goes a little something like this (paraphrasing):

Her: Drat, the bow didn't drop again.
Me: Check your bags.
Her: WTF!

The T4 helm went to the Warlock, and, not having a second tank, we decided not to do Netherspite. A few minutes after we all left, Anberlin logs on to see if we've finished or not.

Oh well, we'll get him next week.

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