Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Annoyances

I came home from work yesterday to find some of my Magic cards scattered on the floor, thanks to my 11-month old daughter. Some are bent, and one is completely chewed off. As I bend over to pick up the card, my cell phone case catches against the table and snaps. Hmm...

My wife had been complaining about one of the quests in the Druid Flight Form quest. The Aquatic Form quest, to be precise. She had been using QuestHelper, which does not indicate that you have to actually get the moonstone, just that you have to complete it somewhere along the river.

Anyway, while she was off in bed napping, I took the liberty of doing the quest for her. This was actually the only good thing that happened. She was quite thankful, and we got the heroic Sethekk run going a little later.

Our only healer that was on was busy with a Botanica run, and we had our Warrior tank, so I stepped up to heal. I didn't respec, but it still went pretty smoothly until just before Anzu's room. And we wiped. And we kept wiping. Mind you this was on a pull that occurs 2 other times in the instance (2 Ravenguards,) so we had no idea why we couldn't make it past. I was pretty tired from having 1 hour of sleep the night before, and by this point our healer was done with Botanica, so we swapped him for me, and I went to bed.

They finished the instance, and now my wife has Swift Flight Form!

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