Friday, August 1, 2008

Second chances

Last night was the first night of our weekly Kara excursion. We still had to fill out some spots, but that's okay. We picked up better people than we did last week. One of whom was a Paladin who I knew by name, and remembered as being a bad player. I don't remember exactly what her crime was, just that it was bad enough I didn't want her to go to Kara with us. So, for two weeks we avoided this healer.

What a mistake. Now, this healer wasn't the best, but she certainly would've saved us time in the past. I still can't remember why it was that I originally didn't like her, but I've decided that it was probably some ignorance involved with being new to the game.

Something similar happened the week before I started making Savant "serious business." See, Sisters of Elune has a nice group called the Small Guild Karazhan Association (SGKA.) Now, this group takes people from different guilds and run Karazhan, and tries to make it a weekly thing. I ran with them once. When I did, the fellow who was trying to invite me was on my ignore list. Now, let me tell you a bit about my ignore list. It has entries generated by SpamSentry, and that's it. And this guy. So I knew, if he's on there, he did something bad. Something that I just couldn't ignore. Again, I couldn't remember what. However, I removed him from ignore, and he turned about to be a pretty nice guy.

There is an addon called Ninja. Ninja is essentially a blacklist (you can list characters or guilds) that will automatically let you know when someone on the is in your group. It can also be annotated. I was once a user of this addon, but as time goes on, I can't help but think this mod will do nothing but cause you to miss out on groups that might benefit you. At least on Sisters, it's always the same 30 or 40 people pugging runs. The more people you permanently blacklist, the fewer options you have to work with.

Using the ignore list as a blacklist is probably very common. If you have folks on your ignore list and you have no idea why, go ahead and take them off. People change. You can't be an ass and get groups forever (though it seems some people like to test it.) If they were just being punks in trade, they've likely calmed down from being ignored by everyone else. And if they cross you again, they can go right back on the list. But for now, take them off, and you might find people to play with who will surprise you. I know I've been surprised twice recently. And it was a good thing.

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