Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Naxxramas a quatre ailes comme les chérubins.

Still have yet to do a full week of raiding, and we're up to having cleared all the wings in 10-man Naxx! Yay! I'm trying to find a good source to track our raid progress against the server. WoWJutsu is simply inaccurate, and WoWProgress only tracks 25-man raids. Ideally, it would use achievements to track the dates and segregate the 25 man guilds from the 10 man guilds. Bosses without achievements associated would probably have to be tracked with gear. Or, you know, that

One thing I noticed during our most recent encounter with Gothik, was just how much harder it is for Druids during that fight. To start out, I was on the undead side with the ret pally, death knight, resto Druid, and shadow priest. Warrior was on the living side with warlock, discipline priest, and two hunters. During the course of the battle, everyone on his side lives. Everyone on my side dies. Okay, let's swap tanks this time. Now I'm on the living side and the warrior's on the undead side. No one else changed sides. Everyone on the undead side lives. The warlock dies on my side. It was a successful fight, but it still bugs me that Swipe is such a narrow attack. And that I still have to mash it every cooldown, despite the threat buff. I just wish we had something else we could mash. Or not mash, as it were. It should be called "Bear Smash!" and function similarly to Thunderclap, only without the speed reduction and with more damage.

On a final note, I took a suggestion from Matticus and raised the funds for a public bank tab. So far I haven't heard much about it from the player base in my guild, except for my wife, who thinks it's pretty cool. We may start sticking overflow materials in there.


secretagentcat said...

I've got a little strategy that might help.

(This is live side btw, I've never been assigned to dead)

All your DPS and healers stack in the corner farthest away from where Gothik starts out. That way, when the mobs spawn they all have to run along the same line and through you.

When they spawn I usually FF the farthest then quickly right-click the closest, often tossing a lacerate, then by that time they're grouped up and the third add (if there is one) is also on top of me and I can swipe.

It's not perfect, and sometimes I'm rotating around and dancing and I'm always swiping like crazy, but usually only a few get away, and I've learned to be OK with one of the smaller ones getting away and not needing to chase after it.

(PS - sorry I blitzkreig'd your blog, just found so much I could comment on :D)

Tessy said... has some kind of raid tracking and ranking system, I have only glanced at it a little and I'm not sure how it works, but maybe it could be worth checking out.