Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Prima Donna Tank and how he did us a favor.

When you have someone in guild that griefs other players it reflects badly on your guild. But sometimes the perception of grief is simple joking around, which, in sparing amounts can be a healthy way to relieve the stresses of raiding (or not raiding as the case may be.)

How do you know when this behavior goes too far? Well, for the people in your guild, it's often easier to read their reactions and so you know almost instantaneously when you have crossed a line with them. For people outside of the guild, it's harder to tell. Some people take certain things too seriously, or can't understand why someone would want to create a little chaos for others.

At first it's not too bad, but an hour later, he's still at it. The next day, he's at it again. Why? Surely he's gotten his stress out. Surely he's capable of doing something productive. You know for sure your guild member has crossed the line when other guild members are inundated with tells asking for the GM.

Unfortunately I was unavailable for comment at the time it was happening, or I would've put a stop to it right there. I even had a couple people in guild that said to kick our griefing guild member. However, the case did not seem so extreme, and so I talked to him about his unusual behavior. He agreed that he would stop and I let it go at that.

Flash forward to last night. I told this person that they were being benched for Malygos. Apparently he thinks that somehow he should be special and not ever have to sit out for a fight, but everyone else should. And he gquit.

Good riddance I say, but I think if he could have taken it in stride instead of being fussy about it, he would have seen that I was being as fair as I knew how, and it was simply his turn to sit out.

I think I did the right thing by allowing him a second chance. If he hadn't blown it for himself, we would still have a good tank, and he would still have a decent supply of loot. That said, if the behavior had continued, he would most certainly have been kicked out.

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