Friday, December 12, 2008

Seriously. You'll get your loot eventually. Stop being a baby.

We did another raid last night. Spend a little bit on Obsidian Sanctum. Got Sartharion down in two tries. I was the only person in the raid to get the achievement for dodging the meteors. We got to Anub'Rekhan and downed him in one shot. Took down Faerlina in two tries. I think it took three tries to get Maexxna down, and that's where we stopped for the night.

Right before Maexxna, our resto shaman who was pugging with us decided to throw a fit over out loot rules, which were clearly stated at the beginning of the night. Because he "didn't have a chance" on Boots of the Follower. You know, because resto shamans are all about spirit. Anyway, he got all bitchy and left, which is good for us, we don't want loot whores. It's just the gall of it amazes me.

We replaced him with an elemental shaman and Aegis of Damnation dropped. Our new shaman was quite happy. Irony fills the air.

What I don't understand is, if you're pugging on someone else's guild run, do you expect to get loot over their guildies? Especially in the formative days of raiding where not everything is on farm. I sure don't. They're kind enough to include me on the run, I'll take my Emblems and thank them for the opportunity.

The other thing that bugged me about this guy is how he said he would have rather run with his guild where he "would have had a fair shot at loot." Well why the hell are you running with us? Are you intending to steal our instance ID from us when you get back to your guild?

We run again tonight, so there's probably not going to be any instance theft (we also run fairly early for the server.) But Monday is rather questionable. I think I might contact this guy's guild leader and mention his behavior in Naxx. We'll see if anything comes of it.

In other news, no tank loot has dropped. Go figure. Guess it's more heroics for me! I have a hunter who needs gearing, so I'll probably make him tag along with me as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

"What I don't understand is, if you're pugging on someone else's guild run, do you expect to get loot over their guildies?"

If you pug someone, they should have exactly the same chance at getting loot as anyone else because they are putting in the same effort as the other people on the raid. Within reason of course...I pug with my holy pala alot and I wouldn't expect to have a chance at prot gear if it were to drop, but if a piece dropped that was obviously holy gear, and I was told "sorry, it's going to someone in the guild", then I'd be outta there too.

Rohan said...

"If you're pugging on someone else's guild run, do you expect to get loot over their guildies?"

Yes, because if I don't come, their guild doesn't raid. If anything, I'm more valuable than the other people.

Myze said...

When you pug with someone, typically, it's something you wouldn't be running otherwise. It is by their grace that you are there, seeing content you wouldn't be seeing otherwise, or at least for a while.

As far as whether we raid or not, that's not true. PuGs are a convenience, not a necessity. I have before and will in the future run a 7-man raid if we cannot get pugs. On the other side of that coin, people expecting loot because they somehow think there are more valuable despite contributing nothing (and in fact, stealing) from long term progression by taking from the guild's loot, are competing for pug slots with guys who don't care about loot, and instead care about seeing content, downing bosses, and having fun.

So I'll have to disagree with both of you. I also have to say that, no, pugs are not excluded from loot. They aren't even lowest priority most of the time. Because of the nature of Suicide Kings, it's fairly common for a pug to have highest priority of their loot class.

Now, I suppose my biggest issue is that the guy got himself saved to our instance knowing the rules (I always blurb them at the beginning for pugs,) and then deciding, when the rules were inconvenient for him, that he didn't agree with them, and then up and left.

Anonymous said...

Only Anonymous on this cause I don't have a blogger id.
Still not clear on your loot rules, but If you rolled him into your Suicide Kings table then he was given the appropriate chance. That being said, pugs are either rolled in , or put in the bottom. on non-farm content, I would probably roll pugs in on the bottom too. I assume your using some kind of loot priority too, so if you rolled him in and a resto/balance druid suicided on it, of course he would get the boots, they are leather. I know In my guild, armor downgrading takes less priority than someone who fits that actual armor class.

Then once again, if no one who wears leather suicided on it, or if another healer who can wear them who is higher on the table doesn't suicide on them, then it should go to the pug. Less the item gets sharded.

Anonymous said...

While I disagree with your stance on excluding a pugger from getting any loot, I'm gonna have to put fault in his court on this case. He knew the loot rules going in so if he didn't like them he shouldn't have come along in the first place.