Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SPOILER: Blantant Guild Promotion contained within! Will it end well?

I dinged 80 last night. I took a screenshot, but I had no inclination of posting it, as it was last night at 1:30 AM. So no screenshot for you. I will describe it though:

"I'm standing in the cave of The Bone Witch. There is a flashy yellow light looming around me, in the shape of a double helix, though it may not be readily apparent. At the bottom of the screen, you find a little box that appears as though it's trying to be shiny. It contains the phrases 'Achievement Earned' and 'Level 80.' There is a quest up on the screen, 'Find the Ancient Hero.' This quest is ready to be accepted by my character. The experience bar is gone, but the reputation bar hasn't moved to compensate."

It's not quite a thousand words, but you see one level 80 screenshot, you've pretty much seen them all.

The other thing I did before I went to bed is that I crafted my Trollwoven Spaulders. They aren't the prettiest to look at, unless you're only looking at the tooltip, in which case they are quite sexy. I'll probably get to test them out in a heroic tonight, the guild only has six 80s so Naxx will have to wait for now.

Blatant Guild Promotion

Speaking of which, if you are on Sisters of Elune alliance side or would like to maybe transfer to tank for a guild with a good but rather perverse group of people, drop me a line, or go to the guild website.

I haven't said anything about the upcoming armor change, so here goes: I approve. Rawr tells me my armor as current will go up about 4000 points. So it's a nice boost. As a 10-man raider, I don't think I should have to put up with things like Defender's Code being so unbalancing.

That's all for now!


Orgauth said...

Still looking for a MT?

Myze said...

To be perfectly honest, I was never looking for an MT. That's my job. :)

But seriously, we do have room for maybe one more tank, but it's going to end up being a rotation sort of thing where the best I could guarantee is two nights (out of three) a week.

If that's okay with you, we might be able to work something out. If still interested, feel free to apply at

Myze said...

I was just looking over your blog and noticed your preferred start time is our end time. Maybe I should've put that sort of thing in my post. If you're looking for a late night sort of thing, I think I can point you in the right direction, though.

I have a former raid leader who's Pacific based, running a similar 10-man progression guild on the Hyjal server. If you're interested, let me know and I'll point you her way.

Orgauth said...

I misunderstood... I reread your most recent post - "tank druid topping DPS". I saw "cat druid with shortage of tanks" from later in the post.

Going to give it a few days before making a decision whether to jump ship, once the new raiding schedule cranks up after maintenance tomorow. Been with these guys for a year and a half, so it's a decision done with great care.

Orgauth said...

For some reason, I thought Sisters was PST (couldn't access to verify). Darn. Adding you to my blog list, nonetheless - nice reading...