Monday, February 9, 2009

Since I'm too lazy to write paragraphs today...

[09:28] LotpMyze: So I ran HOK the other day with both a Resto Druid and a Discpline Priest.
[09:28] LotpMyze: Needless to say, we had a problem on the last boss.
[09:28] StoppableForce1: oof. got pummeled by phantom teammates eh?
[09:29] LotpMyze: So, I said to the Resto Druid "Strip down and go kill yourself, we'll four man it."
[09:29] LotpMyze: Thing is he didn't have any space in his bags.
[09:29] StoppableForce1: /facepalm
[09:29] LotpMyze: So he starts swapping out gear.
[09:29] LotpMyze: By the time he's done, he's wearing all winter clothes and the shoulders form the fire festival.
[09:30] LotpMyze: Runs in there, moonfires the boss. Dies pretty quick.
[09:30] LotpMyze: We go in and have no problem on the boss.
[09:30] TheRatshag: heh
[09:30] LotpMyze: I get requests to tank him such that he doesn't land on the druid when he dies.
[09:31] LotpMyze: Screens for posterity and the like.
[09:31] LotpMyze: I took a couple myself, but I don't know if I'm gonna use them on the blog.
[09:31] LotpMyze: Just imagine a male night elf in a santa outfit with torches on his shoulders.
[09:32] StoppableForce1: snrk
[09:32] StoppableForce1: awesome
[09:32] StoppableForce1: go go holiday elf

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