Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There's only one link to click.

So yesterday I talked to the leader of Guild X, the as yet unnamed-on-this-blog guild. He tells me that the person who was spreading the previous information around was acting of his own accord. They aren't looking for a guild to team up with, and almost have 2 Naxx10 teams ready to go. Well, good for them, but what are we to do now? Thankfully, I picked up two recruits. Unfortunately, they are both hunters, and we already have an abundance of those.

I'm trying to work up my Pally tank so that I can actually run two groups of Naxx before we really have four tanks. Right now she's 76, but I hope to hit 80 before the 13th. Something cool may or may not happen on that day, so keep tuned.

One more thing, I noticed the other night that pretty much every class on Savant's webpage had recruitment listed as "closed." This has been rectified, as we are now looking to recruit people of pretty much any class. As always, tanks and healers are of special priority.

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