Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming soon: My adventures with "Guild X"

Savant has been posting recruitment ads on our server forums. Every night, I spend a little time spamming GuildRecruitment in game saying that Savant is recruiting. I've advertised us on this blog, which saw a recent surge of hits thanks to the WoWInsider twitter feed. I even whisper the unguilded 80s I see in town who appear to have their gear in order.

How many recruits have I picked up thus far? Zero. Of course, it's only been a week of active recruitment, but I was hoping to pick up at least one. But that's okay. What does a 10man guild who wants to do 25mans do?

Simple, find another 10 man guild and negotiate an agreement to do 25mans with them until you can boost your numbers. Luckily, such an opportunity has come to me without even searching for it. Another 10man guild (stuck on Sapphiron) is approached us about the opportunity to do 25 man raids. All I have to do is talk to their Guild Leader and work out the specifics.

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