Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twenty five rhymes

And now, in the spirit of "twenty-five things," twenty-five rhymes with (and including) my name.

Myze is wise,
and never lies;
Has pretty eyes
and giant thighs.

She goes and flies
into the skies,
And fall, she tries;
Goes splat and dies.

"QQ," she cries,
On guild relies:
They're such nice guys.
"Come rez, allies."

One comes, complies;
Starts cast, and sighs.
Expects no prize,
No cakes, no pies.

And now she'll rise
From her demise,
Say her goodbyes,
"Thanks," a surprise.

Restocks supplies
To raid, reprise.
Dons a disguise,
Becomes bear size.

1 comment:

Figworth said...

It's win, he cries,
your rhymes - surprise!
I sympathize,
With laughing eyes.